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You deserve to love the home you live in, but sometimes the house you buy doesn’t quite have all of the accommodations you want. Plattypus is a remodeling and renovation company in Boston, MA, that is dedicated to working with homeowners and the owners of light commercial properties to help them bring their design ideas to life.

Whether you are looking for some practical upgrades to make your space more functional or want an aesthetic boost that really lets your unique personality shine, our home renovation contractors in Boston, MA have what it takes to transform your property. With more than 25 years of experience, our licensed, professional, and skilled personnel even provides difficult historic home renovation and brownstone renovations. The best part? Our professional home renovation contractors in Boston, MA perform all of our services at the most competitive prices. That means it won’t break your budget to receive the finest in:

The Foundations of Our Remodeling & Renovation Company

Many of our clients have heard about our remodeling and renovation company through word-of-mouth publicity. This is thanks to our commitment to exceptional customer service, quality workmanship, and competitive prices. How did we begin to build such an esteemed business? It all starts with our owner and founder Kevin R. Platt.

Kevin grew up in CT as the son of a self-employed architectural hardware consultant and contractor. In 1987, Kevin moved to Boston to attend Northeastern University where he majored in Political Science with a concentration in organizational theory. While spending a few years as a legal librarian in some of Boston’s larger law firms, Kevin moonlighted as a handyman for his friends, who sometimes owned their condominiums from their college days or were settling into new residences.

In 1997, Kevin and his wife, Cate, purchased their first home in Jamaica Plain. Over the next eight years, he worked in his free time to restore a once cut-up 5000-square-foot Victorian into a stately painted lady. In 1996, Kevin was asked to start a property management company with a couple of other investors. While working at the management company, Kevin became more and more involved in residential construction. Most of the management company’s clients were in Boston and adjoining cities and towns and often the property owners were in need of a reliable contractor. This spurred Kevin to go back to school at Wentworth and obtain his construction supervisor license.

In 2003, Kevin incorporated this remodeling and renovation company, taking its name from a term of endearment used by his wife. In 2005, he took Plattypus to Boston where he works out of his home office and lives with his wife and two children. In 2010, he sold his shares in the management company to focus his work solely on his remodeling company. Today, our home renovation contractors in Boston, MA perform the majority of their work in Boston’s Historic Neighborhoods but do not mind coming out to the suburbs to get a little fresh air.

Our company’s foreman-builder, carpenters, laborers, and sub-contractors are all a loyal lot, and many have been associated with Kevin for more than a decade. As a commitment to our customers’ satisfaction, we will only hire seasoned, licensed, and insured subcontractors to help complete their projects.

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We are ready to provide our services to customers located throughout the communities of Beacon Hill, Boston South End, Back Bay, South Boston, Chestnut Hill, Brookline, Charlestown, and Newton, Massachusetts, as well as the surrounding areas.

We are also proud to provide historic remodeling in Boston, MA. For more information, please contact us today.

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